200 word task

200 word task


“BILLIE where is the chocolate factory truck that you took from your little brother ross, how am I supposed to know”.


[Wakes up] flashback of me putting the chocolate factory truck in the pot next to the door [breaths heavily]. This is when Billie runs to the pot and grabs the chocolate factory truck that his little brother ross owns [decides where to put it] THE CABINET UNDER THE CAR he thinks to himself. As Billie runs to the car to hide the toy again, he comes across his mum washing the car.

 “Oh, hey mum” I say as I am slowly moving back towards the door “why are you so sweaty?” My mum asks me I have nothing to say so I just stand there drifting of in my imagination. “Billie Billie BILLIE” my mum continues to say to me but I ignore her so that hopefully she forgets about me running to the car. Except my mum does not forget about it so she said “this is the last time I am going to ask, [My mum counts down] three, two, one “ok, ok fine I took the truck”  “but why would you do that. “It is because Ross took my toy when he was younger” “Well yeah that is because he was only two, now go apologise to your little brother”. “Fine” i said.

“Hey little bro, I am sorry that I took your truck, it wont happen again”